BMX Carbon fiber 406 bike rims 25mm wide 3kg

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Bmx version carbon fiber 20inch bike rims .1. Strong enough,2. Beautiful enough3. The price is sufficient

Bmx carbon rims weight heaiver than mini road bike rims .

Most front without brake rear with baslat brake edge

About this model :

20inch , 25mm wide ,30mm depth .

Clincher verson 

Brake edge contrast

What is the different between of Road bike with BMX bike rims ?

Road bikes are suitable for general roads. For the strength requirements, as long as it is normal riding, there is almost no problem.

BMX bikes are on the professional road. For the sake of safety, the strength is very important. 

After many times of testing, we can rest assured that it is better than the high-intensity competition and achieve good results.